Saturday, January 13, 2007

Largest Art Event Ever...

By Asbjorn Lonvig

A new Michelangelo has been born?
A new Rembrandt?
A new Van Gogh?
A new Picasso?

The internet revolutionized computer business.
By accident.
Art has not been revolutionized by the internet.
For the last month I have eagerly tested
In the Beta test and after the launch some months ago.
I knew was right for me.
You create your piece, you load it up, you set price, that's it.
I have created 500 new peaces in 25 Galleries.
People around me are sure I'm in sane.
I was pleased about ImageKind's ambitions: To build the largest and best platform for buying, creating, and selling art.
Easy to say.
Very, very hard to accomplice.
This morning, however, I knew the Art world would be revolutionized.
The revolution is around the corner.
Talks are going on between ImageKind and has what ImageKind doesn't have.
And what ImageKind probably never will have.
A brand.
The place you go when you want to buy online.
And a dream comes through.
I create my pieces, I load it up, I set the price and a customer looks at it a few moments after.
No Mr. 25 %, no Mr. 10 %, no Mr. 50 %.
No galleries, no curators, no museums.
No intervention.

Just me, the artist and the customer.

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