Sunday, December 19, 2004

Improving my English

I get a lot of encouragements from people around the world.

I keep of course track of these - thoroughly.

And put them into my testimonials and critics on my web site for marketing reasons.

I really enjoy this.





There is a reverse of the medal.

Now and then I get really angry responses.

So angry that I can't understand that people can be that upset over art on a web site.

I got an e-mail from Sim Tack, who lives in Belgium.

In the subject of the e-mail he writes:

"you sir, are a disgrace to artists!"

See article.

Saturday, December 4, 2004



Asbjorn Lonvig

Nice word!? says under Urban Legends and Folklore:

Paraskevidekatriaphobics — people afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th — are no doubt pricking up their ears just now, buoyed by evidence that their terror may not be so irrational after all. But it's unwise to take solace in a single scientific study (the only one of its kind, so far as I know), especially one so peculiar. I suspect it has more to teach us about human psychology than it does about any particular date on the calendar.

Wise people like myself don't care.

Or am I wise?


On Friday the 13th of August I published my first Art News Artblog. I had worked for days to present myself and my art in a live art Magazine to you.

And of course made a link to Colorful News.


The link did not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a fool.

So I'll repeat the link to Colorful News:

and check it 7 times.


These days the new buzz-words in internet are: RSS, Really Simple

Syndication, News Feeds, Aggregator, News Reader, XML etc. etc.

So I even made an RSS.

That link did not work either.

Here it is or to be sure click on .

By adding this RSS news feed to your collection of RSS news feeds -

click on XML above - you will be alerted whenever there are any news in Colorful News. First you must install a

News Reader to handle the RSS news feeds. One is another is - there are several.

What's going on right now?

8 years ago Teguh Prasetyo Heruwaluyo from Indonesia visited me.

I made an art work for his office and he brought some other of my art

works to Jakarta, where he lives. Now we want to make some heavy marketing in the world's

largest archipelago (another wonderful word, it means: Any sea or broad sheet

of water interspersed with many islands).

Here is an article from Colorful News:

Exclusive Selection


On 30 August 2004 Teguh Prasetyo Heruwaluyo, Jakarta, Indonesia and

director Torben Cornelius, commercial counsellor & coordinator,

Denmark visited me in Lille Fejringhus.

Shortly after Teguh Prasetyo Heruwaluyo had been picked up in the airport after

a long flight from Jakarta we had a meeting in Lille Fejringhus with

the purpose to plan a new series of 8 motifs Exclusive Selection

Indonesia and other marketing initiatives in Indonesia. Storytelling?

Fairy tales?

Indonesia is a huge country, you know Sumatra, Java,

Bali, Borneo, New Guinea, Timor etc. There are approximately as many

Indonesian as Europeans! In Jakarta there are 15 million inhabitants.

In a couple of weeks I have been inspired to do 8 motifs and this

website has been innovated to handle Teguh Prasetyo Heruwaluyo's needs

as an art dealer. After a fruitful meeting I was informed about all

cultural highlights of Indonesia.

And these are the keywords for the work:

1. Mother

Mom and son

Mom and daughter

I love you mom

2. Religion

Jesus in my heart (believe in.....)

You raise me up

The true way

Christ and Good - Muhammad and Allah

3. Motivation

Focus line

Build the destiny for success

To wake up a great dream

My next step is to investigate Indonesia by means of the web, the local

county library in Vejle, Library of Århus University - the State

Library of Denmark, the Danish Embassy in Jakarta and the Indonesian

Embassy in Copenhagen. The next meeting will take place soon - the

talks will continue while I make drafts.

Invitation to readers of Art News Artblog.

I live in Lille Fejringhus, it's my studio, private home and gallery.

Visit Lille Fejringhus - in Denmark - right in the middle of nowhere.

I'll pick you up in Billund Airport.


Take a look at Gallery News on the net.

I have photoed my present exhibition of huge canvases for you.

Now I'll check this link 7 times:

And the RSS is: or click on .

See You in Billund Airport or on the net!!!!!


Asbjorn Lonvig

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.


see Asbjorn Lonvig's

Copyright - Business Concept - Disclaimer

Colorful News

Colorful News

by Asbjorn Lonvig

I have a lot to tell you. A new exhibition

in Paris with the "Bridging Europe" painting.

A new exhibition in Silicon Valley with "1080 Haight Street".

And then of course I must tell you about "Blue Sky" inspired by the

Guggenheim building

on Fifth Avenue in New York.

"Thunderbird" from British Columbia Westcoast selection, "Via Sacra"

that was exhibited in

"the International Contemporary Art Exhibition" in il Vittoriano in

Rome last year, "grand Canyon",

the Noosa Queensland Australia selection , my exhibition in Madrid, Easter

Island motifs and... stop, stop, stop, stop. It doesn't work. I have to

do it in another way. Let me make a live art magazine for you, let's

call it Colorful News.

In Colorful News I simply will explain every painting, every

exhibition, every selection.

And you just pick the stories you like.

The address of Colorful News is

The RSS feed is on

In Colorful News I go on about logo design, children's books online to

Lucca, my granddaughter - and the world's kids, storytelling to

companies, sculptures to Rome, playground equipment to children, "drive

carefully" signs, portrait painting (someone told me, my portraits were

far beyond the quality of my son's portraits - that's why I primarily

tell you about Morten Lonvig's portrait paintings) etc.

In Colorful News you also can see how to become an art dealer.

Finally there is an editorial in Colorful News.

It's about the fact that the art market is predicted to grow 3,5 times

because of the Internet.

It's about my decision to stake everything on the internet.

It's about concentrating my efforts on the internet when it comes to


It's about my decision to make new standards and challenge art

traditions by making my drafts on a computer and exhibit the drafts.

And insist upon that a computer is nothing but a new tool.

And insist upon that using a computer is as worthy as not doing it!!!


Have a nice day - see you in a month or so. ´


Asbjorn Lonvig

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.

see Asbjorn Lonvig's
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Be careful out there

Be careful out there

Asbjorn Lonvig

I have this Commentary on online marketing:

Cyberspace is loaded with junk.

Cyberspace is loaded with marketers trying to sell junk - and earn a

fortune before sunset.

But you can see if it is junk right away.

Look at the design of a web page.

Look at the design of the e-mail with a fantastic offer.

It is like looking at an art work - trust your eyes - trust your own


Only you can feel if the sender has put some hard work in the

effort to reach your attention.

A part of his own heart.


Be careful out there.

It is in the same way when we sell art works online.

Don't expect to earn a fortune before sunset.

Look at the design of your web pages.

Look at the design of your e-mails.

Put some hard work in the effort to reach people's attention.

Most important: A part of your own heart.

There are no rules.

But I humbly can show you what I did concerning online marketing

since my artblog in September.

Indonesian Selection

As I told you in September Teguh Prasetyo Heruwaluyo arrived

from Jakarta.

For two weeks we worked hard. I was surprised to learn that our

point of departure
were Christian motifs. Christian motifs to the world's largest Muslim


"you raise me up" and "the true way" were some of the input from Teguh

Prasetyo Heruwaluyo.

During our two weeks of cooperation we made this web


I would like to show one of the motifs.

This is "you raise me up", acrylic on canvas, 201 x 139 cm, that is

79.2 x 54.8 inches. Soon after I had published this motif on

it was shown in Art News. The price was US$ 15,000. But as Teguh

Prasetyo Heruwaluyo saw the motif the price immediately was "raised up"

to US$ 43,000 - edition 5. I intend to create Colorful Zen Simplicity.

It's rare to feel Colorful Zen Simplicity.

And Teguh Prasetyo Heruwaluyo travelled home to Jakarta, whistling.

With this art dealer toolbox under his arm. Well, the art dealer toolbox is

not very heavy - it actually is a web page.

Here is what's in it:

A link to

Exclusive Selection Indonesia.

A special

reference list for printing.

6 new

brochures on Exclusive Selection Indonesia for


(see below).

A link to

postcards of portraits for download.

A link to

Colorful News.

A link to

Gallery News.

The 6 new brochures/flyers:

Until everything is happening online, the good old brochure/flyer in

paper handled over to a potential

customer personally always is a very effective marketing tool.

I believe it'll last long.

Chinese Selection

My Chinese translator Ni Duan from Hangzhou southeast of Shanghai has

translated my fairy tales into Chinese from English. While she has

shown the fairy tales to Chinese publishers, I have worked with the
Exclusive Selection China.

Friday I got this message from China.

A publisher in China wanted to publish my fairy tales. See the internet

version in

A dream had come through.

Now the author fee has to be negotiated and all details have to be


Children's Books Online.

Exhibition in Hamburg

In Hamburg, too we used the good old brochure/flyer


Read more.

That's all.


Asbjørn Lønvig

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.

see Asbjorn Lonvig's
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Interactive Lecture

Interactive Lecture

by Asbjorn Lonvig


I am excited.

Very excited!

Tomorrow I'll make my first Interactive Lecture.

The only thing I need is a projector and a fast line to the internet.

The only thing I bring is myself.

On the internet I have made 1950 web pages to choose from.

And as every image on these pages represents one or several stories my

lecture can go on for ever.

In the past I have made a lot of lectures. In schools, in universities,

in companies, in associations, in counties, in municipalities - you

name it.

I thought the preparations were very time-consuming and boring, and I

often did not use the pictures, the slides, the transparents etc. etc.

that I had prepared.

Questions and remarks from the audience often altered the whole context

of the lecture.

Therefore the interactive lecture.

My contact person has informed me about a theme of the lecture, so I

know where to start.

After that it is the dialog with the audience that guides us through

the lecture.

If the audience is not very active, I'll guide the audience.

If the lecture moves too far away from the read thread in the theme,

I'll make an invisible change of subject.

It's sure demanding to do it this way.

I have to be on the marks.

But it doesn't matter, the quality of the lecture is enhanced

enormously and sure I don't do it for free

even if it's superb marketing.

Next time, in the next artblog I'll keep you posted concerning my

interactive lectures.

My dream is that the interactive lecture will develop into a real Road

show, travelling around from school to school, from university to

university, from company to company,

Making a lot of money by lecturing and making a superb marketing for

myself and my art works at the same time!!!!

What has happened the last month???

I'll briefly tell you what has happened since my last artblog.

A publisher in China wants to publish my fairy tales in Chinese

initiated by my Chinese translator Ni Duan.


A French author Alain Joannes has written a chapter in his new book on

"Commant communiquer par des images" - in English

that is "How to communicate through pictures" - about me. He praises my

painting "soul hurting still" to the skies.


I have started a new Children's book project, the LAURA-project,

inspired by the Inuit Circumpolar Culture.


I have painted "diversity", acrylic on canvas, 201 x 139 cm - that is

79.2 x 54.8 inches - to the award winning company of Danish Industry's

Initiative Award. Easy Food is the company called - it produces

convenience food.

"diversity" is a puzzle inspired by a company using diversity as a

management objective and how employees hopefully will relate to this



I have established four new online representations. One in Texas -

administered in Bukarest and Jerusalem, one in Cugand, Pays de la

Loire, France, one in Milan, Italy and one in Copenhagen.


I have been chosen to "The 10 World Artists Show 2005" as "first cab of

the rank". Noosa Galley, Queensland, Australia and Peter Alexanderoff

are organizing this event. It is an important event and the Grand

Opening takes place on 1 March 2005. We consider to invite Crown

Princess Mary to celebrate this Danish/Australian event.



My way - I am proud of doing it my way.


see Asbjorn Lonvig's

Copyright - Business Concept - Disclaimer


Friday, December 3, 2004

Christmas Mood.

Christmas Mood

by Asbjorn Lonvig

Last year I wrote two wishes on my wish list and sent it to Santa Claus, who in my tradition lives in

Nuuk in Greenland. You might know his huge red mailbox in Nuuk.

He wrote back to me: Ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho.

My son lives in Nuuk close to Santa's workshop, he e-mailed to me in November 2004, that Santa was still laughing.

1st wish was to have more than 250,000 views on my web site on one single day.

2nd wish was to have more than 1,000,000 views on my web site in one single week.

On 1st December I got mail.

E-mail from my son in Nuuk. Santa had stopped laughing.


Santa Claus had stopped laughing and had started smiling.

He wrote to me: "Now that you have that many visitors, would you please help me delivering Christmas Gifts -

I am so awful busy in the month of December".

"Sure, Santa" I wrote back to him.

And here you have the Christmas Gift to you from Santa and me:

The Christmas 2004 Exclusive Selection for the readers of Art News Artblog etc.

There are 4 Christmas Parcels for You:

An online
Christmas exhibition of Christmas 2004 Exclusive Selection.

A decoration Christmas mini-mini-poster to this exhibition for download and print.

Christmas Art Prints of all exhibited art works for download and print.

A Christmas slide show presenting the above art works and 4 more Christian motifs from Exclusive Selection Indonesia.

here and see what's in the Parcels.

Or see Colorful New

Santa Claus told me, that the Parcels had to be delivered all over the world. A few days ago Santa and I was on a test flight

with his sleight and reindeer - with Rudolph in the front of course. We stopped in Paris. Santa landed beautifully on the roof of 18, Rue DROUOT - that is 18 DROUOT Street. I had told Santa nothing but Rue DROUOT was a side street to Rue Du Faubourg Montmartre.

See Colorful NewAnd we opened my new exhibition in gallery DROUOT COTATION.

The French were gawping.

Because of my art?

Or are the French not used to Santa passing by?

See Colorful News on "

To all of you from Santa and Me:

Glædelig jul og Godt Nytår!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Joyeux Noël et une nouvelle année heureuse !

Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr!

¡Feliz Navidad y una Feliz Año Nuevo!

Buon Natale e un nuovo anno felice!

Natal alegre e um ano novo feliz!

Vrolijke Kerstmis en een gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!
Καλά Χριστούγεννα και μια καλή χρονιά!
Веселое рождество и С Новым годом!


즐거운 성탄 및 새해 복 많이 받으세요!