Saturday, December 4, 2004

Colorful News

Colorful News

by Asbjorn Lonvig

I have a lot to tell you. A new exhibition

in Paris with the "Bridging Europe" painting.

A new exhibition in Silicon Valley with "1080 Haight Street".

And then of course I must tell you about "Blue Sky" inspired by the

Guggenheim building

on Fifth Avenue in New York.

"Thunderbird" from British Columbia Westcoast selection, "Via Sacra"

that was exhibited in

"the International Contemporary Art Exhibition" in il Vittoriano in

Rome last year, "grand Canyon",

the Noosa Queensland Australia selection , my exhibition in Madrid, Easter

Island motifs and... stop, stop, stop, stop. It doesn't work. I have to

do it in another way. Let me make a live art magazine for you, let's

call it Colorful News.

In Colorful News I simply will explain every painting, every

exhibition, every selection.

And you just pick the stories you like.

The address of Colorful News is

The RSS feed is on

In Colorful News I go on about logo design, children's books online to

Lucca, my granddaughter - and the world's kids, storytelling to

companies, sculptures to Rome, playground equipment to children, "drive

carefully" signs, portrait painting (someone told me, my portraits were

far beyond the quality of my son's portraits - that's why I primarily

tell you about Morten Lonvig's portrait paintings) etc.

In Colorful News you also can see how to become an art dealer.

Finally there is an editorial in Colorful News.

It's about the fact that the art market is predicted to grow 3,5 times

because of the Internet.

It's about my decision to stake everything on the internet.

It's about concentrating my efforts on the internet when it comes to


It's about my decision to make new standards and challenge art

traditions by making my drafts on a computer and exhibit the drafts.

And insist upon that a computer is nothing but a new tool.

And insist upon that using a computer is as worthy as not doing it!!!


Have a nice day - see you in a month or so. ´


Asbjorn Lonvig

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.

see Asbjorn Lonvig's
Copyright - Business Concept - Disclaimer


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