Saturday, December 4, 2004

Be careful out there

Be careful out there

Asbjorn Lonvig

I have this Commentary on online marketing:

Cyberspace is loaded with junk.

Cyberspace is loaded with marketers trying to sell junk - and earn a

fortune before sunset.

But you can see if it is junk right away.

Look at the design of a web page.

Look at the design of the e-mail with a fantastic offer.

It is like looking at an art work - trust your eyes - trust your own


Only you can feel if the sender has put some hard work in the

effort to reach your attention.

A part of his own heart.


Be careful out there.

It is in the same way when we sell art works online.

Don't expect to earn a fortune before sunset.

Look at the design of your web pages.

Look at the design of your e-mails.

Put some hard work in the effort to reach people's attention.

Most important: A part of your own heart.

There are no rules.

But I humbly can show you what I did concerning online marketing

since my artblog in September.

Indonesian Selection

As I told you in September Teguh Prasetyo Heruwaluyo arrived

from Jakarta.

For two weeks we worked hard. I was surprised to learn that our

point of departure
were Christian motifs. Christian motifs to the world's largest Muslim


"you raise me up" and "the true way" were some of the input from Teguh

Prasetyo Heruwaluyo.

During our two weeks of cooperation we made this web


I would like to show one of the motifs.

This is "you raise me up", acrylic on canvas, 201 x 139 cm, that is

79.2 x 54.8 inches. Soon after I had published this motif on

it was shown in Art News. The price was US$ 15,000. But as Teguh

Prasetyo Heruwaluyo saw the motif the price immediately was "raised up"

to US$ 43,000 - edition 5. I intend to create Colorful Zen Simplicity.

It's rare to feel Colorful Zen Simplicity.

And Teguh Prasetyo Heruwaluyo travelled home to Jakarta, whistling.

With this art dealer toolbox under his arm. Well, the art dealer toolbox is

not very heavy - it actually is a web page.

Here is what's in it:

A link to

Exclusive Selection Indonesia.

A special

reference list for printing.

6 new

brochures on Exclusive Selection Indonesia for


(see below).

A link to

postcards of portraits for download.

A link to

Colorful News.

A link to

Gallery News.

The 6 new brochures/flyers:

Until everything is happening online, the good old brochure/flyer in

paper handled over to a potential

customer personally always is a very effective marketing tool.

I believe it'll last long.

Chinese Selection

My Chinese translator Ni Duan from Hangzhou southeast of Shanghai has

translated my fairy tales into Chinese from English. While she has

shown the fairy tales to Chinese publishers, I have worked with the
Exclusive Selection China.

Friday I got this message from China.

A publisher in China wanted to publish my fairy tales. See the internet

version in

A dream had come through.

Now the author fee has to be negotiated and all details have to be


Children's Books Online.

Exhibition in Hamburg

In Hamburg, too we used the good old brochure/flyer


Read more.

That's all.


Asbjørn Lønvig

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.

see Asbjorn Lonvig's
Copyright - Business Concept - Disclaimer


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