Monday, July 3, 2006

Letter to European Parliament...what about a similar project in YOUR country???

artblog-27-hi-world-fairy-tale-en-eu   (29k image)Margrete Auken, MEP - Member of the European
Bât. Altiero Spinelli
60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
B-1047 Bruxelles/Brussel

Dear Margrete Auken,

I was very pleased, as I found out that you were a member of
”Committee on Transport and Tourism” in European Parliament.

I'm an artist from Denmark.
The reason why this letter is in English is that it is my monthly contribution to WWAR Art News - WWAR is World Wide Art Resources in Columbus, Ohio - I hope you don't mind this.

It's all about a baby and it's all about children's safety in traffic.

This baby was born at the St. Mary Hospital years ago. The baby became a kind of logo and it was used as a sign, too.
A Drive Carefully sign.
As a Drive Carefully sign the baby proved to communicate, and it is used in several cities.
To supplement the sign I wrote and illustrated af small story called "Happy Traffic" with the theme children's safety in traffic and with the Drive Carefull sign in several languages.

As the internet was introduced everything went crazy.
The story was translated into English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese etc.
Just now Yochanan Dvir from Lehavot Habashan in Israel is translating the Hebrew and Zahra Esmaeil Pour fra Lahijan-Gilan in Iran is translating the Persian version.

Now - to the point.
Yesterday a brainstorming took place - you always can discuss the abilities of the brains as well as the intensity of wind force.
But we got this idea:

We'll make a campaign on traffic safety.
Especially children's safety in traffic.

We'll start with the motor way number E45 which starts in Sweden and ends up in Gela on Sicily in Italy.
In a safe place, that might be in the right side of every motor way bridge we hang a large banner.

A banner with the baby and with the story "Happy Traffic".
Visible to everybody but of course without jeopardizing the safety of the traffic.
The stories are made available to EU citizens on the internet in their own language.
The stories are made available to EU citizens as children's books for free download.
The design of the traffic sign is made available to EU citizens for free download.

And all kinds of merchandise of corse must be available to EU citizens for online ordering on the
Posters in 17 sizes are available for online ordering right now.
From 12 July 2006 Child and Adult T-Shirts, Mouse pads, Coffee Mugs, Tote Bags, Puzzles, Coasters, Key Chains, Ceramic Tiles, Buttons, Aprons and even posters on canvas available to order online.

You name it.

I juni/juli/august 2007?

There are 1000 other possibilities with the baby as logo in children's safety in traffic
campaign as point of departure.
If you like the idea in any way I'll proceed in any direction you might point.

Asbjorn Lonvig
Lille Fejringhus
8722 Hedensted

artblog-27-e45 (26k image)Sample of an Italian banner in Gela, Sicily?
Click on picture for enlargement.

Banner samples in Dansih, English, German, French and Italian.
artblog-27-hi-world-fairy-tale-dk-eu (31k image)artblog-27-hi-world-fairy-tale-en-eu (29k image)artblog-27-hi-world-fairy-tale-de-eu (31k image)artblog-27-hi-world-fairy-tale-fr-eu (33k image)artblog-27-hi-world-fairy-tale-it-eu (31k image)
Click on the posters above to see sizes etc.
Stories and children's books and even coloring books are available

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