Monday, August 29, 2005

Article: "Matisse and Louisiana..."

La Gerbe, 1953
The Spray UCLA Collection, Hammer Museum.
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney F. Brody
© Succession H. Matisse / CopyDan, 2005
Press photo from

See the article in WWAR Art News, Columbus Ohio. About this famous artist in the wonderful Art Museum called Louisiana. It is in Denmark, Scandinavia. You know of course Louisiana in the United States, but you probably don't know this Louisiana, a Museum of Modern Art.

"But the photos might give you a hint of what my friend in Chicago meant".

artblog-18-louisiana-arkitektur-map (22k image)

artblog-18-louisiana-arkitektur-map (22k image)
artblog-18-louisiana-architecture-stairs (7k image)artblog-18-louisiana-architecture-tree (8k image)
artblog-18-louisiana-architecture-wood (7k image)artblog-18-louisiana-architecture-bridge (7k image)artblog-18-louisiana-architecture-wing (8k image)
artblog-18-louisiana-arkitektur-sculpture-hall (8k image)artblog-18-louisiana-arkitektur-galleri (5k image)artblog-18-louisiana-arkitektur-cafe (6k image)
artblog-18-louisiana-arkitektur-indgang (5k image)artblog-18-louisiana-arkitektur-cafe-2 (6k image)artblog-18-louisiana-arkitektur-view-from-sound (4k image)artblog-18-louisiana-arkitektur-koncert-hall (6k image)

See about the Louisiana Architecture and the Louisiana Collection at the Louisiana web site.

The Exhitition "Matisse - a second life"

Louisiana and Museé de Luxembourg in Paris have made a joined venture.
One day the Danish curator and Matisse expert Hanne Finsen asked the director of Louisiana for a cup of coffee.
Later the director offered Hanne Finsen numerous cups of coffee.
The director liked to know more about her idea.
The director is Poul Erik Tojner.

See the article

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