Monday, March 28, 2005

New article...How to communicate through pictures...

Wouldn't any of us like to know how?
An artist try to communicate.
Through writing.
Through music.
Through movies.
Through pictures.
Sometimes he succeeds. Sometimes he does not.
When his expectation are high - he might not communicate at all.
When his expectations are low - he might communicate excellently.
Every artist has his own recipe.

Mine is simple shapes and bright colors.
Even when I write.
Even when I .......

You can't always believe what is written in newspapers.
But if it is written in a book, you have to believe it.
I would like to tell you about a new book.
It is written by the French author Alain Joannes, who lives in Paris.
It is called "Communiqu├ęs par l'image" - that' s French and means
"how to communicate through pictures".
It was presented at the prestigious "Salon du Livre" in Paris in March this year.

To me it sounds like it's the new bible to artists, designers etc.
You can buy this new bible at Dunod.
Believe it or not, one of the chapters in this new book is about my painting "soul hurting still".
I'll just show the draft of the painting and quote what the author writes:

See what Alain Joannes wrote about the painting below:

"soul hurting still"
Acrylic on canvas

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